Tips for Choosing Your Tattoo Shop

As human beings, we all feel the need to express ourselves, our feeling, our thoughts and our actions.

It is said art is a form of communication, and it is the gateway to a man’s soul. In cases of grieving, a man might be found listening to sad songs. At a wedding, you might find love songs to express joy and happiness.

When it’s all said and done; a tattoo is a form of art that can express a lot of things. At times, it might express what moods you were in when you got it. Other times it might depict your character, it might be in remembrance of someone or something. At the end of the day, everyone has their reasons for getting a tattoo.

With tattoos being permanent (for the most part), it is advised to be careful when you make the final decision. Tattoos come at a cost and come with risks of side effects and infection. It is highly recommended to research about tattoos, the tattoo shop you are going to and your health, just in case you happen to be allergic.

Everyone has a right to self-express their feeling through art. When it boils down to art that has to deal with your body and health, then you should invest in a healthy facility. Apart from it, you should take your time to have a one on one discussion with the tattoo artist about any safety procedure that will be followed by the artist working at the tattoo parlor.

Many people who want to get tattoos should keep in mind that choosing the right tattoo parlor is just as important as the design that will permanently be on your body. With this in mind, what do you do next? Do you ask friends to recommend you to their tattoo artist? Do you sit and scroll through the yellow pages hoping you will choose the best guy who knows this very well job? These are the types of questions you should go through before you make your final decision. In our recommendation, tattoo artist Rob Goodkind, has always had amazing reviews.

Knowing what you want is the first step to choosing a good tattoo shop, although there other steps you can follow this includes;

1. Know what you want.

This is the very first step, we normally do not advise people to walk into a tattoo shop and to point randomly to anything on the board.

The only time I have seen such a stunt work is where the person had so many tattoos all over his body that when the random one turned out bad he used the others to camouflage it, that’s why it is important to know what you want.

2. Find a tattoo artist that specializes in what you want.

When going to a tattoo shop, it’s important to keep in mind that all tattoos artist are not equal. Some artists are good with portraits; others specialize in very advanced type of tattooing. To avoid getting a permanent regret, make sure you research the proper artist for the job.

3. Read reviews and recommendations.

Going into the shop and going through the artists work can give you a glimpse of their background. It can give a sketch of what he or she can do, though the best way to know or see a person’s handy work is seeing work that they have already done on someone.

4. Cleanliness.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and it also important to our health. It is very important to look at the level of cleanliness the tattoo shop has. This will tell you how clean and sterile the artist keeps his or her equipment. It’s one thing to get a tattoo, and another to get infections. Remember that your health comes first.

5. Repo.

It’s important to have a good repo with the artist. You wouldn’t want someone you don’t agree with to draw something that’s going to be on your body forever.

An artist can give advice though he could not push you to a decision after all, the art is on your body, not his.

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