The Latest Tattoo Trends for 2018

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2017 was a crazy for tattoo creation. Artists have been pushing the limits of what may be done on the skin. Innovating the best tattoos need the eyes, hands and minds of different artists and styles. Below are top seven tattoo trends of 2018.

#1 – Street Fighter Arms

This haunting and beautiful tattoo first surfaced when street fighter fans incorporated their limbs into the limbs of street fighter characters. This tattoo has enabled people to go out and embrace each other with any character they would think of.

#2 – Micro-Portraits

When Bang tattooed a micro finger portrait of a lion on Delevingne, this tattoo came into the limelight again. And it has been transformed into a ten digit canvas to fit images of your favorite celebrities, icons, and animals for your personal satisfaction.

#3 – Rose Morphs

What wanders your mind when you hear about tattoos? Traditional skull images, daggers, and roses are the pictures created in minds. Many artists have taken these traditional images of skulls and placed their spin on them making this trend catch on quickly.

#4 – Optical Illusions

These are the new “ripped” skin tattoos that have made a huge surge in 2015. They involve shading, body flow and texture to make them have a more complex look. Many artists have been shaking up what their eyes thinks they see all the year long.

#5 – Eyes

Want to know why judges always go after flaws that appear in eyes on tattoo reality shows? Many people have criticized and complained about the difficulties experienced to tattoo the eyes. But right now, a giant detailed third eye is the hottest tattoo trend.

#6 – Legolism

Who hates Legos? They are very popular now that they have made a motion picture concerning them. The greatest supporter of Legos tattoos is Max Pniewski because he wants to be the self-proclaimed Legolism inventor. Legolism tattoos combine Lego characters put into a realism work. His Lego Iron Man is nicely saturated and damn cute.

#7 – Stormtrooper Tattoos

Stormtrooper tattoos have been big for a while, and they are confident to be popular as the force assists franchise to grow. 2015 has turned them into a completely different new light, and they have made a boom as the sexy pin-ups, hello kitty hybrids and sugar skulls.

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