Tattoo Regret

Having second thoughts about your tattoo?

If you regret getting a tattoo, you are not alone. Half of all people who get tattoos will eventually want them removed. When they do, though, they often have memories of the pain of getting the tattoo. They might fear the removal will be just as painful. Fortunately, it will not.

How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Laser tattoo removal uses a laser to alter the pigments of the tattoo:

  • The laser goes through upper layers of skin, without causing damage
  • Tattoo pigment absorbs the laser’s energy
  • The energized pigment breaks apart

After the treatment, your body removes pigment debris, just as it would eliminate any other foreign object or invader. Through multiple therapies, the tattoo eventually fades and then disappears.


Of course the results will vary depending on which clinic you use. We always suggest using board certified plastic surgeons. Why? Because they work in an industry where you must do good work in order to thrive and succeed. Plastic surgeons also work in the field of beauty, meaning they live and breath aesthetic ideals and taking care of their patients. As an example, take a look at Dr. Khorsandi’s laser tattoo removal clinic, you will notice that his  before and after images are amazing. As you can see some of the results can speak for themselves.

After each treatment, the color of the tattoo fades. A patient with a simple black tattoo may complete the removal in as few as two visits. For other tattoos, and especially tattoos with multiple colors, a higher number of visits may be required.

The Process

The treatment is superficially similar to the course of getting a tattoo. The laser technician moves along the ink of the tattoo, holding a laser device against the skin. Unlike the process of getting a tattoo, though:

  • Laser tattoo removal does not require that the skin is penetrated
  • Patients only feel a pinching or snapping sensation as their skin is hit with laser bursts
  • It is extremely rare for a patient to require any form of anesthetic for laser tattoo removal

The process is far less traumatic than most patients fear. Many people come away wondering why they did not do it years earlier.

Unlike other procedures for removing tattoos, laser tattoo removal does not leave visible scars. It is widely available and is an excellent option for the millions of people who now regret getting a tattoo. Don’t live your life in regret and wishing that you had never done something to your body. We live in an era where people make mistakes and luckily we have the technology that allows us to travel back in time and get rid of things that we don’t like on our bodies.

Tattoo removal has come a long way. It can easily be classified as one of the safer cosmetic procedures around. There is no “surgery” involved.